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How To Choose The Ideal Surfboard For Ultimate Surfing Experience!

How To Choose The Ideal Surfboard For Ultimate Surfing Experience!

Choose the ultimate surfboard

Are you an experienced surfer who loves the rush of water pushing on top of the waves and the wind blowing through your hair? Or are you a beginner who wants to experience the extremes of surfing and get skilled in this fantastic sport?

Either way, you will need an exceptional surfboard that will not leave your side no matter what! But it is not easy selecting a surfboard for yourself. More specifically, it is not easy to choose the “right” surfboard. You will come across hundreds of types, and that will twist your mind into confusion.

Don’t worry, as I have got you covered. Want to select the perfect surfboard? Just go through this guide, and you’ll know:

What Is Your Surfing Skill Level?

Surfing skill level

The first and foremost thing you should know is your skill level. How much are you experienced in this? Do you surf with your eyes closed? Or are you scared to stand on the surfboard?

Determining your skill level is elementary as all of the selection is based on this only. If you are a beginner, you would like to choose a surfboard that is more on volume and provides more stability. A beginner’s surfboard will be a good choice that has a greater width and thickness.


What About Your Body Fitness?


Body Fitness Graph


Your body fitness significantly acts as a factor for the selection of the right surfboard. If you are lightweight and you choose a surfboard that is thrice your body volume, you will have absolutely no control over it. On the other hand, if you are heavy-weighted and opt for a light surfboard, the chances are that it will break.

It also comes along with age and physical health. If two people with the same weight and height are surfing, but one is a 20-year-old, and the other is 40 years old, the latter will tire up quickly. It would be better if the older one chooses a surfboard with more volume so that he doesn’t have to invest much energy.

Low Volume Surfboards

Low Volume Surfboard

Low volume surfboards are the surfboards that are comparatively less volume than your recommended surfboard volume. But why would people choose this?

Let me explain. If you choose a surfboard with a slightly lower volume, you will have greater control over it, and you can move the surfboard just as you wish without any extra effort. Plus, this is great for small and medium waves.

But remember, do not opt for an underweight surfboard because if you choose a light one, the chances are that the surfboard will break and you can fall off of it. And nobody wants that!

High Volume Surfboards

High Volume Surfboards

High volume surfboards are the ones that have a greater volume than your suggested surfboard volume. But should you opt for this surfboard?

This kind of surfboard comes in handy if you are a beginner and you want complete stability. It will provide a lesser drag and more speed. Moreover, it is mainly used for bigger waves. Want to sore high? Try this one! 

What about carrying this heavy board? Try a carrier sling, and you are good to go!

Calculate Your Ideal Surfboard Volume

Surfboard Volume

You could just try different surfboards and experience with a little fun. But that can be dangerous and will cause you a lot of trouble. But how can you make sure that you have selected the right surfboard for yourself and it isn’t overweight or underweight?

No matter what you do, I will tell you a simple technique by which you can calculate the precise recommended volume for yourself.

(Ability & Weight) X (Age) X (Fitness) = Volume

Try filling in the values in this formula, and you have the precise, calculated volume that would be perfect for you. Isn’t that easy?

Know Your Wave Type

Know your Wave Type

Here comes the other perspective of knowing what to choose. Well, it is obvious that waves are never the same, and the wave types are always changing. Sometimes you get a massive wave on which you can ride like the wind. At times, the waves are small and tiny.

What are the common wave types in your area? If they are small to medium, you’ll have to choose a different surfboard. The same goes if you to have bigger and stronger waves.

Grovel Surfboards (1/2ft to1 ft)

Grovel boards are usually for smaller waves as they can produce greater acceleration with a much lesser drag. These surfboards are small and are really fun to use. 

What’s more? They can provide more stability with much easy paddling.

Small Wave Surfboards (1ft to 5ft)

This may be a little larger than the grovel board. But what’s the difference? Well, this is a little larger and provides more speed than the grovel board. Making the most of smaller waves is a great choice! 

All Round Surfboards (2ft to 6ft)

Let me introduce you to our all-rounder boards which are All Round Performance Surfboards. They are optimal for almost every wave condition, and you can use them whenever you feel like it.

High-Performance (4ft to 8ft)

These are for intermediate to advanced surfers. Want to enjoy your waves to the fullest? You should definitely go for High-performance surfboards.

Step Up Performance (4ft to 8ft+)

Meet the king! These kinds of surfboards are for the skilled users who have full control over their surfboards and their bodies and know how to turn impossible waves into a full ride. But how do you carry such a large board? You can carry it with the help of a bicycle rack for sure!

Now What? Surfs Up!

Surf Types

Now you know how to choose your surfboard and what should be your ultimate choice. So what are you waiting for? Do you want the waves to calm down? Certainly not. Just take your wetsuit, your changing mat, and your surfboard and go kill the waves!


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