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A CASE with AirTag storage for Apple Tv Remote Gen 2

A CASE with AirTag storage for Apple Tv Remote Gen 2 - Abbycart


A CASE with AirTag storage for Apple Tv Remote Gen 2


Apple just did it again, in their usual ruthless manner, they’ve disrupted the device tracking market. In no small part to the introduction of the AirTag, a tracking device developed by Apple.


The AirTag is designed to help people find personal objects such as:

  • Keys
  • Bags
  • Apparel
  • small electronic devices
  • Vehicles

 A CASE with AirTag storage for Apple Tv Remote Gen 2


Many across Twitter and forums on Reddit have shown their frustration about just how ridiculous it is to not have integrated tracking or sound beep capabilities in the brand new Apple TV remote that they announce at the same event as the AirTags


Well, that’s nice and good until you lose your Apple Gen 2 TV remote, known across the world for it’s sleek design and premium metal body… That is also a huge drawback as it contributes to the remote being one of the easiest devices to lose in any home.


You can go through 1 of 2 methods to solve this problem


 🚨 Screwing a hole through a wall in your living room to place your TV remote in a bracket/holder


PROS:  Your sitting room wall is definitely a safe place where you can easily locate and use the remote with few issues…


 (except for)   


CONS: every.single.time you want to change the channel to catch up on the NEWS or SPORTS, you’ll have to:


get up -> walk over to the wall stand where you kept the remote -> change the channel to something you like after standing for 5 mins -> then go back to your seat and enjoy the show (only to repeat the process again if the TV volume is too loud :-)





✅ Do what thousands have done and get an affordable and easy to use AirTag Case for your Apple Gen 2 TV remote






  • you don't need to hug it on a wall somewhere you can just put it right beside you


  • You also put your iPhone tracking on it, so you don't need to remember where it is, the AirTag uses pin-point GPS tracking so no worries there


  • it's incredibly slim and light at 11 grams so no added bulk or weight to your hands when increasing the volume or changing the show



CONS: of getting this  Air tag case is that you'll never stand up  or take a break when you're watching your favorite Netflix shows anymore :-(   :-)



But How SECURE is this?


Some big objections people who own Apple devices have is the security and privacy of tracking devices like these.


  • How foolproof is the tracking
  • Is it putting my family and kids at risk if it falls into the wrong hands?



We totally understand where that's coming from, we always want to feel like we're making the right decisions financially right?


Well, one after the other, all these objections and pain points will be covered.

 A CASE with AirTag storage for Apple Tv Remote Gen 2


How FOOLPROOF is the tracking of this Apple TV remote Case



Keeping track of your remote has never been easier than with this AirTag Case, once you slot in your remote to the case and setup your Airtag, they are live on your radar


  • Easily accessible through the app dedicated to tracking with the help of AirTags, called "Find My"




What makes it work is the Bluetooth adapters running on iOS 13/macOS 10.15 devices or newer (when connected to the internet)


  • These adapters give off pings or signals that can be sent from nearby Apple devices (offline or online) and then passed back to the Apple servers


  • Doesn't matter if the Gen 2 Apple TV remote is dead or if the battery is taken out



Your Apple TV remote going missing no longer has to be a big deal when it has an AirTag Case attached.

 A CASE with AirTag storage for Apple Tv Remote Gen 2

Just make a beep /sound by


OPTION 1: Opening the "Find my" app -> Going to the "new items" tab


OPTION 2: Saying "Hey Siri, find my Remote"


  • This is with the assumption that you've renamed the Airtag case to bear the name "Apple TV Remote" so it's easy to instruct Siri



This also works perfectly because your TV remote is going to be in your home 99.5% of the time.


✅ This allows Precision Finding (Compatible Devices include IPhone 11 and later)


  • You‘ll see the distance to your AirTag
  • The direction to head in (voice directions optional)


Apple never had a unified name for this device-locating feature previously, at best referring to the app as Find My iPhone, and customizing the name on whatever device it appeared, like Find My Mac and Find My iPad.


But they seem to have stuck with just the "Find my" after the Airtag Integration.




Is it putting my family at RISK if it falls into the wrong hands?



Numerous trade-offs have been made by Apple to keep the Airtag as safe as possible for its users


Some of these include:


  • No one else but you seeing the location of your AirTag attached to the remote


  • Location data not being stored locally on the AirTag itself


  • End-to-end Encryption for every kilobyte of location data you transmit (Apple themselves don’t even know where your AirTag is, they are completely blind in this case)



✅ Every Airtag you own also actively discourages suspicious or unwanted tracking.


  • If someone with criminal or malicious plans manages to sneak an Airtag into your home or bag.


  1. Your phone will notify you that an AirTag is on the ride with you or in your home.


  1. If it's well hidden and you can't find it after some hours of searching, Apple will override the AirTag to start playing a beep sound to let you find its precise location.




What else should you KNOW about the AirTags & Case?



Marathon Battery


  • The Case combined with an AirTag means for the next 365 days +… you won't have to worry about losing your remote if you don’t change your batteries.


  • They are also super easy to replace and pop in a brand new battery just in "case"



Increase the VOLUME from the shower 🚿



You don't need to step out of the shower and rinse your hands every time you want to change the channel.

The AirTag is water resistant but you still need to take caution with the $60 Gen 2 Apple TV remote you just bought :-)


Drop Resistance


The AirTag Remote Case, made of environmentally friendly silicon, can protect your remote from a 3 metre drop, just in case you’re 9 foot tall and you’re afraid you’ll break the remote if it drops :-)



 LIMITED TIME OFFER  - Never lose your 2nd Gen Siri or Apple TV Remote ever AGAIN

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