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Trendy Ways to Use Your Apple AirTag

Trendy Ways to Use Your Apple AirTag - Abbycart

Trendy Ways to Use Your Apple AirTag

 Trendy Ways to Use Your Apple AirTag

We all know how helpful Bluetooth trackers are in finding misplaced or lost items, no matter how near or far they are. Now with the help of Apple AirTags, you can use your iPhones to track all the AirTags nearby merely by walking around and following the directions on your phone screens. 

Trendy Ways to Use Your Apple AirTag

These nifty little Apple AirTags are possibly the best way ever to keep track of all the tiny things such as keys and wallets. However, this small gadget actually relies on an entire network of thousands of millions of iPhones worldwide. Undoubtedly, there can potentially be a dozen more helpful ways to use the Apple AirTag and track the most vital things in your daily life. 

If you also simply hate going through the struggle of finding your tiny little things over and over again, then you definitely need an Apple AirTag in your life. Keep reading further to learn all about this nifty device and the creative and trendy ways to use your Apple AirTag that you possibly didn’t even think of!

Trendy Ways to Use Your Apple AirTag

What is the Apple AirTag?

Lose your knack for misplacing and losing things with the new Apple AirTag. The ultra-wideband technology incorporated within the Apply AirTags and Apple’s thriving network of devices can aid you in tracking down all your misplaced, stolen, or lost items.

AirTag is indeed a must-have in this fast-paced world as it is effortless to track your belongings. Attach one of these AirTags to your car keys or wallet and slip another into your luggage or backpack.

And before you know it, they will appear on the radar in your iPhone’s “Find my App”, which also lets you track down all your Apply devices and keep in touch with your family and friends. 

Uses of Apple AirTags

Some of the things you can use these AirTags for are pretty obvious, such as attaching it to your house keys or sticking it in the glove compartment of your car, so you locate where it is parked. You can even throw one into your travel suitcase to easily spot your luggage when it comes off the carousels.

But are there any other uses of the AirTag besides these? You will actually be amazed to learn of all the exciting ways you can use your Apple AirTags. 

8 Best Ways to Use Your Apple AirTag

Maybe you just need one of these, but there are dozens of fun and practical ways to make the most out of them. Here are 8 scenarios in which an AirTag might be of the utmost help to you.

1.      TV or AC Remote            

If you have children, it is most likely guaranteed that you won’t go a few hours without a lost TV remote. Sometimes, your children will hide the AC or TV remote in the most unimaginable places.

Nothing can be worse than having a day off, and you are finally about to settle down and turn the TV, only to be unable to find the remote. Well, just attach an AirTag to the back of your remote with adhesive, and you will never misplace it again.

Trendy Ways to Use Your Apple AirTagTrendy Ways to Use Your Apple AirTag

2.       Keys

Are you amongst one of those unfortunate people who lose their keys just like that? Then an AirTag is a must for you. Your keys will always be hiding in the most absurd places you think of.

For this, you can place the Apple AirTag conveniently in a keychain and add it to your set of house or car keys. So, whenever you can’t find your keys, you can always count on AirTag to locate them for you.

3.       Safeguard your Wallet/Purse

Although we certainly don’t hope that you misplace or lose your purse frequently, sometimes accidents are bound to happen. But often at times, your purse and wallet are the first things to get stolen, so it is essential to safeguard them.

If you just stick an AirTag in one of your purse or wallet’s compartments, you won’t ever lose it again or be afraid of getting it stolen. Apple AirTag will help you locate the thief in just a few seconds. You can also outwit the thief with your sneakiness by sewing the AirTag into the lining to not be removed easily.

4.       Pet tracking

House pets, especially dogs, have a terrible habit of fleeing out during the worst of times, leaving their owners scrambling about the entire home and neighbourhood looking for them. Sometimes, it takes hours to find them, and in worse cases, even days.

Even though microchipping is an option that’s available for animals, it can be relatively expensive. A good idea is to hang an AirTag on your furry pal’s collar so that even if they somehow sneak away, you can easily trace it out and find them.

Trendy Ways to Use Your Apple AirTag

5.       Luggage

If you haven’t lost your luggage at the airport even once in your lifetime, consider yourself very lucky. Nothing ruins an exciting holiday trip more than facing the trouble of having your luggage misplaced.

Even worse, you will become solely dependent on the airline to inform you of the whereabouts of your luggage. The easiest thing to do is place an Apple AirTag in your suitcase so that you can quickly locate it even if it gets misplaced or lost. 

6.       Your vehicle

As extreme as it seems, sometimes using an Apple AirTag for your vehicle for purposes of theft or preventing your teenagers from breaking curfew becomes essential. You can simply place the AirTag in the glove compartments and track your car with just the tap of a button in case something like this happens. 

7.       Emergency items

Suppose you suffer from some sort of medical condition or allergies. In that case, items such as an EpiPen or an inhaler definitely warrant an Apple AirTag. EpiPens are not used that frequently. This ultimately makes them more likely to disappear or get lost.

Even inhalers are relatively small in size and can easily get misplaced. AirTags can be incredibly helpful in saving time and possibly even somebody’s life or your own. By attaching an Apple AirTag to your life saving medications, you can instantly find them in times of need.  


8.       AirPods Max or costly headphones stored in a case

So you spend over $500 on headphones only to keep forgetting where you have kept them? Well, that won’t be much of an issue anymore if you consider attaching an AirTag to them or your headphone case. This can be incredibly useful for you to find the case when you forget where you’ve kept them or if you have misplaced them.

9.       Glasses/Sunglasses 

Though this suggestion sounds quite humorous, if anything else, it can actually be an excellent idea for all those people who wear glasses and know how frustrating it can be to not be able to find them upon waking up.

If you are tired of scrambling around the whole house in search of your glasses before you head out for the day, consider using an AirTag to your case. Just grab your phone, and it will point in the correct direction, which is super convenient if you leave your glasses in odd places.

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3.       Abby’s Keyring, Keychain for Apple AirTags Protective Case - Dog Collar

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