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Abby's™ Solar Powered Bird Bath Water Fountain Pump - With LED Lights

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Magically changes your Birdbath to Visual Art at Night ✨

Do you need a 3.5W Solar Fountain Pump with a built-in 2000mAh Battery that floats on water and does not require electricity? Do you want a solar-powered water fountain ideal for a birdbath, fish tank, small pond, swimming pool, garden decoration?

Abby's™ Solar Powered Bird Bath Water Fountain Pump - With LED Lights

Introducing Abby's™ Solar Powered Bird Bath Water Fountain Pump that floats on water and does not require electricity. When direct sunlight hits the solar panel, it will operate automatically. When the battery has sufficient power with six color LED lights, it can continue to work for 3-4 hours, even at night.

Abby's™ Solar Powered Bird Bath Water Fountain Pump - With LED Lights

⭐ Pro-Tip:

☑️ The Solar Powered, Bird Bath Water Fountain Pump, works within 3 seconds of exposure to sunshine.

☑️ 3.5W is the highest power compared to others in the market. Solar panels convert better, making the fountain more stable and durable. The higher the power, the better is the conversion.

☑️ The Bird Bath Fountain not only works and charges during the day but also at night.

☑️ As long as the battery has power, it will automatically spurt the fountain and light up with varied colors at night.

Abby's™ Solar Powered Bird Bath Water Fountain Pump - With LED Lights

☑️ Trim the length of the fixer according to the size of the birdbath to ensure the water doesn't spray out of the Water fountain Pump

☑️ The solar-powered fountain has 100% complete coverage of high-density PET monocrystalline solar panels, making it highly durable and stable.

☑️ There is no vibration without water as it comes with water shortage protection.

☑️ A variety of styles of spray. Feel free to modify it as per the style you like.

🛠️ What to do if my Solar Solar Powered Bird Bath Water Fountain Pump is not Working?

Built-in 2000mAh Backup Battery keeps the Fountain working at night

The LED variant is Equipped with 6 colorful gradients LED lights, which will light up at night (approximately 8 pm).

The 2000mAh solar panel can keep the fountain working at night for 3-4 hours when fully charged. RGB color automatic cycle setting makes your night more beautiful.

The 6V/3.5W solar fountain pump with a 2000mAh backup battery can light up by spraying water at night for about 4 hours.

Just put it in the water. Once exposed to enough sunlight, it will automatically work within three seconds.

The jet height can reach 60 cm on sunny days and about 30 cm on cloudy days. Ensure that the solar fountains are exposed to sufficient and direct sunlight to work and store energy.

Without energy, the fountain will not work at night.

Note: LED lighting needs enough energy. If there is no energy, the light will not work.

6-Colorful Bright LED Lights for a Unique Night Show

Colorful bright led light allows seven colors (Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Cyan, Blue, Purple) to change automatically at night, giving you a fantastic visual impact.

RGB color auto-cycle setting makes your birdbath and garden look more beautiful at night. 

Note: A complete solar daytime charge in direct sunlight supports 4-5hrs lighting and fountain. If the solar pump is lacking power, the led lights can not work then.

Works Super Fast in 3 seconds, Saves Water with Anti Clogging Feature

Our solar fountain can run automatically in just 3s under direct sunlight, and the spray height is 30-60cm, without electricity or batteries. Let's you enjoy the fun of spraying water immediately.

The fountain has the new function of sensing water. When there is no water or water shortage, the fountain will stop working to prevent the pump from running dry and caused by burning.

An anti-clogging function can better block dirt, dust, leaves, and other impurities, effectively extending the fountain pump's Use Life. In addition, we gift 3 extra sponge filters.

A sponge filter could reduce the frequency of cleaning solar fountains.

Prevent Squirt The Water Out Of The Bird Bath

The upgraded new design of 4 DIY FIXED STICKS perfect solved the solar fountain squirt the water out of the birdbaths.

It keeps spraying in the center of the birdbath, will not move around to the edge, and spray out of the birdbath, so you do not have to keep an eye on the birdbath all the time and often add water to the birdbaths to prevent the water run dry.

With 4 fixed rods, you can fix your Solar Fountain in the middle and not be blown by the wind. Suitable for bird bath, fish tank, small pond, swimming pool, garden decoration.

8 Nozzles (LED Model), Versatile and Easy to Use

Various sprays, which can be easily disassembled and replaced to switch between different spray modes. 

Just place the solar-powered bionic fountain in the water. Once exposed to enough sunlight, it will automatically work within three seconds. The spray height of the fountain is about 30-60cm. Ensure that the fountain is exposed to sufficient, direct sunlight to work and store energy. Without energy, the fountain will not work.

The product floats on the water surface without obvious tilt (tilt ≤6° after exhausted air), and the water surface floods the movement box, the pump can work better.

If you put the fountain in the water and it is not activated, please shake the fountain in the water to exhaust the air at the sensor chip (The sensor chip is in the two small holes next to the model number) to reactivate.

Eco-Friendly, Attract Birds and bring more vitality to your Garden

No electricity or battery needed. An Eco- Friendly and stable product! The most important this will attract a lot of hummingbirds to your garden!

Save the Planet by going green and it is virtually maintenance free.

With our solar-powered fountain, you don’t have to trouble yourself any longer. It automatically turns on once the morning sun's rays hit the solar panel and slows down when sunlight fades in the afternoon.

By nightfall, our fountain will have completely shut down and will work again by sunrise the following day.


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