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Abby's™ AirTag Bike Mount, Bicycle attachment Case for Apple AirTag

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AirTag protective cover for mountain bike, Keep your mountain bike secured 🛡️

You can use the Apple AirTag to keep track of anything you want. Even if you want to keep your bicycle protected, you may think about attaching an AirTag for it.  

Abby's™ AirTag Bike Mount, Bicycle attachment for Apple AirTag

What is the AirTag protective cover for mountain bikes?

Attaching an Apple AirTag to the mountain bike would sound like a practical thing to do to ensure its protection. However, this decision comes along with numerous challenges. For example, your mountain bike would not contain any compartment, which you can use to hold the AirTag. However, this doesn’t mean you should use a less secure method to attach the AirTag to your mountain bike. Instead, you may think about going for a more robust method to attach the AirTag to the mountain bike. This is where the AirTag Protective case for the mountain bikes could come into play.

Abby's™ AirTag Bike Mount, Bicycle attachment for Apple AirTag

When you look at the AirTag protective cover, you will notice a small piece of plastic. However, you will be able to place an AirTag inside this plastic container in a secure manner. By placing an AirTag, you can ensure the security and protection it. This is a small AirTag protection cover. Hence, mounting it to your bike will not be a challenging thing to do. This is a durable AirTag protective cover made out of nylon. Hence, it would help if you didn’t think twice before you go ahead with the idea of using this protective cover.

Features of the AirTag protective cover

By now, you have a basic idea of what the AirTag protective cover is all about. While keeping that in mind, let’s learn more about the features coming to you with it. Then you can decide whether you should be purchasing it or not.

  • Compact size

One of the first things you will notice as you buy the AirTag protective cover for mountain bikes is its compact size. You would not want to mount anything bulky to the mountain bike. On the other hand, mounting something bulky would not be something you can practically do for the mountain bike. 

Abby's™ AirTag Bike Mount, Bicycle attachment for Apple AirTag

The AirTag protective cover only has a thickness of around 11mm. Hence, you can mount it under the bottle cage. Likewise, numerous other places are available for you to use this AirTag protective cover. It is up to you to go through the places and pick the right place to use the case.

  • Easy to mount

You don’t need to get the help of anyone to mount the AirTag protective cover for the mountain bike. You will be able to go through the installation process on your own. For example, it comes along with extended M5 bolts. You can also receive specific instructions for installation. By going through the steps, you can complete the installation on your own.

Abby's™ AirTag Bike Mount, Bicycle attachment for Apple AirTag
  • Provides a secure place to hold the AirTag

One of the worst things that can happen to you is losing the AirTag while you are cycling. If you get this AirTag protective cover, you can ensure that it will never happen to you. That’s because this AirTag protective cover is in a position to hold the AirTag and keep it in place securely. Therefore, you will never have to worry about losing the AirTag. This will provide peace of mind to you as well.

  • You can mount the AirTag to different places on your bike.

Another great thing about the AirTag protective cover for mountain bikes is that it will provide you the support needed to mount the AirTag to different places of your bike. Most people who wish to mount AirTags prefer to go for a discreet location as much as possible. If anyone steals the bike, he will not spot the AirTag. Hence, you can have the opportunity to track down your lost bicycle.

Abby's™ AirTag Bike Mount, Bicycle attachment for Apple AirTag

Some places where you can mount this protective AirTag case include under the seat, behind the reflector on the rear of the bike, and underneath the bottle cage. You can walk around the bike and see the ideal location for mountain the AirTag protective case.

How to use the AirTag protective cover for a mountain bike?

As mentioned earlier, you can use this protective case on your own. However, this doesn’t come along with an Apple AirTag. Hence, you will need to purchase an AirTag separately. Upon purchasing the AirTag, you will need to pair that along with your iPhone. After that, you can simply place the AirTag inside this container.


  • The product has a diameter of only 11mm, which can be fixed under the water bottle cage without being easily noticed. Comes with long M5 bolts. Thus, it will not restrict the functionality of your bicycle bottle enclosure.
  • The material used is Nylon, and the order only includes the Bike attachment Case and not the actual AirTag.


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