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Practice Cue Tips for Beginner Snooker Players – Everything You Need To Know!

Practice Cue Tips for Beginner Snooker Players – Everything You Need To Know! | Abbycart

Almost everyone out there loves to see the bow-tie bows playing the snooker shots on his television. Doesn't it sound charming and relaxing? Of course, it does, but only if you're a snooker enthusiast! Trying out a new game as your hobby can be fascinating. It would be even more interesting if you're building your interest in snooker.

An interesting part?

The snooker players on the screen make the game look so darn easy. But have you ever witnesses how they pick their cues up or in what directions they move their hands to set cues? If yes, you must have an idea about the right choice of cues for your game's success.

Furthermore, the more you diligently practice your cueing skills with a training Billiard and setting up the table, the more you'll learn the new tips to rock the game.

But if you're still confused about where to start the real game, we're here to guide you till last. Our experts and analyzers have suggested some go-to tips for becoming a pro in snooker but only with a quality-made training device which can help you to become pro.

7 Best Training Aids to Imply

Choosing the right type of learning aid or training aid for snooker isn't always enough if you want to become a high-level snooker champion. There's also much more to know about cueing skills and standing positions.

So, let's end your curiousness by heading down below to the list.

1.     Always Start with Practice Shots

No one can ever rock the game at the very first shot. Human nature needs immense practice for breaking up the rules of failures. This is why it's suggested to begin the snooker game by taking the practice shots. Taking a long time for only a single shot and still losing it isn't the appropriate way to begin the game.

If you observe the professional snooker players, you must have noticed that they take two to three really quick practice shots. They take such quick practice shots without even hitting the ball. This trick gives the player a firm grip over the cue.

Start with Practice Shots

2.     Try Out Top Spin

The game of snooker isn't that simple as it looks on the television screens. There're many ways to get a grip on the cues. Such ways are related to handling, positioning, and choosing the best cues from the market. You can even use some Billiard Gloves for gripping on your cues. If you have an eternal wish to lag the professional snooker players behind, you must include the Top Spin in your armory.

The best part?

This amazing trick will teach you to ensure the point on the object ball where the white carries it. For doing so, you must have the tip of the snooker cue slightly higher up the white. Strike your cue in the middle of the white ball. Carry on your shot and observe the travel of the white ball on the table.

Try out Top Spin

3.     Proper Grip On Cue

The majority of beginner snooker players often commit the mistake of holding the cue in the wrong position or direction. This is why they always end up losing the game. You can never become a snooker champion unless you get to know the proper way of handling your cue.

When you're pointing the ball with your cue, make sure that the cue is slightly gripped. There's no need for you to exert extra pressure on it since it can make you lose the shot by putting immense force behind it. Furthermore, with a hard grip, there're many chances that you eventually lose the shot leaving your opponent to win the game right away.

Proper Grip on Cue

4.     Choose the Right Cue Kit

Only by getting your hands on the highest quality snooker cue kit can you take your game to the next level, even if you're a beginner. So, don't you think about how are you going to do all this? By taking a wise decision of professional Cue kit!

Want to know more? Here we dig in!

No doubt there're many professional cue kits out there which steal the heart of beginner snooker players with their accuracy and pointed target. But Abby Snooker Cue Laser Sight has brought an interesting twist to the game. It's regarded as perfect for beginners since it provides the correct stick action.

Snooker Cue Laser Sight

5.     Pause at Strokes

One of the most confusing things that professional snooker players perform to get their grip on the entire game is the pause at the front and the stroke's back. They often pause or break before pulling the cue towards the ball and again after taking the shot.

Actually, this trick makes it easy for everyone to access the right position to take the shot. Being a beginner, you can never optimize the best position for choosing the site for pointing the ball unless you pause at the stroke's front and back.

Pause at Strokes


6.     Go For Stun Shot

You can stun the ball by taking it closer to the point of the cue's application. The majority of the beginners commit a mistake to do the stun shot with a ball six feet away from them. This will make the ball spin in the pointed direction.

Thus the most appropriate way is to hit the bottom area or the central part of the ball. Stun shot alone isn't really helpful unless you apply the backspin to it. However, practicing your hands at stun shots isn't that easy. So the only thing you've to do is make a stun shot with a remarkable Billiard Training Device.

Go for Stun Shots

7.     Maintain Your Bridge

Attaining a perfect shot to win the game is a hefty task for beginners. This is why the experts have suggested building a solid foundation for cueing. But make sure to keep them loose enough to make the cue move smoothly in all directions.

In addition to this, whether you want to play versatile shots for testing your snooker skills, an open bridge will help you the most. The reason? It supports the application of a wide variety of shots because of ease of access.

Maintain your bridge

Rule Cueing Now!

It's pretty tricky to learn snooker when you don't know about the shot tips and cueing methods. But believe us, only by choosing the best Billiard Training Aid and implementing the above tips, you're going to rule the snooker game till the end.


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